My favorite compositions with black and white film involve night shooting. The richness of the black sky, long exposures leaving light trails. They always speak volumes to me in mood and tone, in a way that no other photography can capture…

The fun part about these shots is they bring me right back to the moment I took them, walking along Ocean Park on the Santa Monica bluffs with my friends.
Rarely do I repeat a topic I have already blogged about but it seemed worth it to do another look at Madison Reed. Since posting my last review, I have found a wonderful colorist and stylist whom I plan on seeing regularly; however I felt like my hair needed a bit of a pick-me-up and I wasn't ready to make an appointment just yet.

I dip dyed my hair red with a box of Madison Reed hair dye last winter. For my full review, go here.

This time around I opted for a amalfi blonde, a shade slightly lighter than my natural hair. My goal was to give my hair a natural boost without getting that disapproving look from the hair dresser the next time I go in.
While there isn't much of a contrast in the before and after, I wanted to show off how healthy my hair looks and feels after using Madison Reed products. The latter photo was taken immediately after towel drying my hair and it was actually still a little damp. There is no product in my hair. It's amazing how a little healthy dye can be such a volumizing pick me up to my greasy mane.

You don't need a drastic makeover to pamper yourself with Madison Reed. I will definitely continue buying this hair dye between my regular salon appointments to keep me within my budget. Find your perfect hair color now.

Madison Reed Better for You
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