what's in a name?

Even my boyfriend seems confused! It's not that complicated.. I didn't like getting other girl's papers back in grade school so I altered my name to Llora. Having a new career and needing a professional appearance caused one l to drop (makes handing out your email easier). I have always answered to "Lora" or "Lorelai". Alternatively, my cousin started using Lloralye when addressing me. I have decided to use that as my domain name and brand name as it stands out. Bottom line: use "Lora" or "Lorelai" to send me a postcard but search the web for "Lloralye" to find all my creations / public profiles :)

origin story

So you want to hear a story, eh? I already gave you my whole life story so I'll explain this blog instead. I created this blog after a series of smaller blogs. Once I started working for Sewcratic, I wanted a place where I could share all my sewing creations as well as anything else that comes to mind.

wuv twue wuv

When I met Alex, I knew I was done looking. He's my best friend, boyfriend, photographer and coworker. We assist each other on every step of life and it's a great feeling. I couldn't have found a better guy!

the furball

Alex and I recently adopted our first pet - a little brown tabby cat we have named Zoey inspired by the badass character in Firefly / Serenity. She was discovered in a foreclosed home that had been partially demolished. It only took a few months to watch her settle in and go from ball of fluff that hides under the couch to the boss of the household.

dressed to kill

Since I try to focus on sharing my sewing, I thought I'd give you a bit of where my personal style comes from. My fashion sense has been referred to as a "hipster on acid" aka all the trends but not quite polished as well as a "British school girl" -- not quite sure how those go together. I am mostly obsessed with 40s fashion as well as pretty much anything from stores like Forever 21 or Anthropologie. Years of band tees and patched jeans have made me kind of focus on adapting a more feminine sophistication in adulthood.

jill of all trades

Aside from sewing and blogging, I am a gluten free baker, I run several online stores for my handmade jewelry, fabrics and photos, as well as I'm a freelance web designer. Multitasking is my favorite hobby.

guilty pleasures

my boyfriend / traveling / horseback riding / red pandas / lomography / knitting / cross stitching / the color green / video games / pineapple


I'm Lorelai and this is my blog. I'm Lorelai and this is my blog filled with sewing, gluten free baking, green living and other random musings. Read on ...

The projects and life of a scatter-minded seamstress.


detox my life

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The projects and life of a scattered-minded seamstress.

The projects and life of a scattered-minded seamstress.